Pick your poison

I used to have a random playlist playing when I did anything from gymming in my room to writing a new script, working on a post, applying for jobs, or browsing the net and social media.

But I realized that not every genre fits every situation. That might be a “Duh!” moment for a lot of you, but for me the idea just hadn’t crossed my mind. So I picked out 3 of my favorite EDM sub-genres.

Pick your poison

1. Liquid DNB

Use: Admin, educational or any serious work.

Effect: Can take you away from the distractions to another world, but no so far away that you can’t focus.

Alternative genre: Chillstep– It’s usually less heavy on melody and vocals so can provide the soft chords and beat to help you focus- but you may fall asleep! hence Liquid DNB being my top choice.


2. Hardstyle

 Use: Venting, losing your shit, getting creative, being crazy.

 Effect: Jumping around.

Alternative genre: Hardcore. Higher BPM, much darker than hardstyle (some would argue, although others say the one is a sub-genre of the other- who the fuck knows) They’re both awesome, but core can be too much some times.


3. Bigroom House

Use: When you’re happy, when you’re just chilling with some friends whose music taste you may not know; During sex (I think)

Effect: Euphoria and a desire to party.

Alternative genre: Psytrance – although (in the opinion of some) a lot more monotonous, you can stomp to both and feel happy. People enjoying both of these genres also like drugs, but don’t do drugs, kids.


I guess this works differently for everyone based on how your brain works, so I’m not preaching here, more like sharing what works for me, and why. Maybe it can work for you too, or even just open your mind to the possibility of being more selective with your playlists.