Darn these damn Millennials! Dang it!

Fuck off, you loser! I’m pretty much sick of these posts about Millennials being written by these million-year-old “tech” people all over the net.

Dissecting us, proverbial limb for limb until there’s nothing left but trillions in tertiary education debt, joblessness… and lets not forget the laziness, narcissism, entitlement, and staying with le parents. 

I’m the animal in a fucking zoo, and you’re that old guy with a crooked step, smelling of whiskey, with an overgrown beard and a tweed jacket waving a bunch of tickets to the world for them to see this exclusive show. Newsflash:  It’s not that exclusive.

I’m pissed off that the leaders before me are either trying to micro-manage me or leave me in the deep end. I’m not complaining; I’m just saying it’s not optimal.

Let ME tell you what a Millennial is (ME ME ME). First off, I’m not going to save anyone.

I work hard, and you can be damn sure I play even harder.

I have friends across generations and respect them equally.

I believe the differences between generations comes as a result of life experience, automatically brought by aging. The generation before you said the same things about you, remember that. Also, remember who raised us.

I’m waiting for the first person to say I’m ranting, raving, throwing my toys out of the cot like a little kid. I will throat punch you.

Just kidding, I’m not a violent guy. All I’m saying is, instead of observing us, why not try listening to us for a change?


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