Let the random thoughts begin

Writing your first post for a blog is always so stressful. It’s like that mark on the canvas that is your online body: the ink settles, forming the next stroke in the masterpiece that is your digital tattoo. Fucking epic.

Not sure how many words I’ve already checked the meanings of and how many times I redesigned my twitter look. But moving along I just figured I’d introduce myself here.

I’m a guy in his mid 20’s who decided to start a blog to write about a ton of stuff. You’ll see my fullest thoughts here on life,  movies, tech, philosophy, relationships, consumerism, politics, music, fun and love. This is just a big smoldering ball of thoughts.

I can’t promise I’ll always post all the time, and I can’t promise you’ll like each one. Heck, I can’t promise that none of my thoughts will offend you for that matter.  But this is about me, okay?

Kick the Coffee Tin? Why that name? We’ve got lots of time to get into that, and somewhere down the line I promise I will.

For now I’m signing off. Thanks for reading.


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