I’ve been wrestling with the concept of online anonymity for some time. As you may have noticed this blog is virtually anonymous.

There’s many Catch 22’s hidden in this playing field. You want transparency and greater exposure. You want to offer a real face that people can relate to. But at the same time many people are concerned about their privacy. With all the issues surrounding surveillance, and of course the threat of more deviant crimes.. in the minds of some it just makes sense.

But that’s not why this blog is anonymous. Nope. I’m not too concerned about my own security and privacy as I sit here.

This blog is anonymous, as I have decided to be the subject of my own experiment. A social experiment to help me understand myself better. The facade verses the reality. I’ll post an interesting video in a future post that I’d like everyone reading this to think about.

Don’t hold your breath… THOUGHTS come swiftly, and without a name. And there are many more nameless thoughts to come.


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