Pick your poison

I used to have a random playlist playing when I did anything from gymming in my room to writing a new script, working on a post, applying for jobs, or browsing the net and social media.

But I realized that not every genre fits every situation. That might be a “Duh!” moment for a lot of you, but for me the idea just hadn’t crossed my mind. So I picked out 3 of my favorite EDM sub-genres.

Pick your poison

1. Liquid DNB

Use: Admin, educational or any serious work.

Effect: Can take you away from the distractions to another world, but no so far away that you can’t focus.

Alternative genre: Chillstep– It’s usually less heavy on melody and vocals so can provide the soft chords and beat to help you focus- but you may fall asleep! hence Liquid DNB being my top choice.


2. Hardstyle

 Use: Venting, losing your shit, getting creative, being crazy.

 Effect: Jumping around.

Alternative genre: Hardcore. Higher BPM, much darker than hardstyle (some would argue, although others say the one is a sub-genre of the other- who the fuck knows) They’re both awesome, but core can be too much some times.


3. Bigroom House

Use: When you’re happy, when you’re just chilling with some friends whose music taste you may not know; During sex (I think)

Effect: Euphoria and a desire to party.

Alternative genre: Psytrance – although (in the opinion of some) a lot more monotonous, you can stomp to both and feel happy. People enjoying both of these genres also like drugs, but don’t do drugs, kids.


I guess this works differently for everyone based on how your brain works, so I’m not preaching here, more like sharing what works for me, and why. Maybe it can work for you too, or even just open your mind to the possibility of being more selective with your playlists.



I like this perspective on being stuck

spark connections

You have been staring at the ceiling for the past three hours and nothing absolutely nothing of substance has crossed your mind. Your team seems to have to hit a wall, maybe even your agency has hit that wall as well and it seems like you are at a dead end. The great idea doesn’t seem to come as fast as you want and it is definitely not a pleasant thing but take a breath because guess what? Being stuck is a good sign, being stuck means you’ve pushed yourself to the edge and when you are at the edge, it’s the right time to learn how to fly. Its a sign that you have gotten rid of the easy solutions, mediocre ideas and are getting out of your comfort zone, when you leave your comfort zone you give yourself and your brand a chance to be better, being stuck…

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Keep sharing!

nemo alter | Life Fragments

I don’t share my thoughts because I think it will change the minds of people who think differently.
I share my thoughts to show the people who already think like me that they’re not alone.


Δεν μοιϱάzομαι τις σϰέψεις μου, επειδή πιστεύω πως έτσι ϑα αλλάƶω τους ανϑϱώπους που σϰέφτονται διαφοϱετιϰά, αλλά πϱοϰειμένου να δείƶω σε εϰείνους που σϰέφτονται όπως εɣώ ότι δεν είναι μόνοι.

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I lost my login details – And gained some awesome thinking time

That basically sums it up. My last post was in October last year after JUST starting this dam blog. 

I had created a new email account to create this account, and so once I forgot this password (which was unfortunately the same as the G-mail account’s) my chance of logging in went out of the window. 


Anyway I’m back and hopefully going to make up for a ton of lost time and posts. My mind has been swarming with ideas so you will see lots of posts (I hope).I actually think the time off was great for me to think more and do less. I mean I personally hate being so caught up in the idea of something that I’m unable to implement it. I think they call that procrastination… Hmmm. 

For starters I want to share one of my favourite Facebook pages with you. It’s called Thinker’s Paradise, and it’s pretty awesome. I like the ideas that float around here, but I also love how they often present the thoughts with cool pictures!

Check it out by clicking here

It’s described as “a page for thinker’s , if you are one most welcome”. 

And since I’m totally into random thoughts floating around on the interwebs, I’m all for this! Cheers! 

It’s Just Your Opinion


One of the most annoying things ever has got to be a person who can not disagree with other people in a sophisticated manner.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with disagreeing.

Once you realize that fundamental notion, it makes sense not to lose your shit just because someone has a different view of the world than you.

Or maybe just a different view on one topic. You may have a lot of things that you agree on if you give it a shot.

We all see things differently, and whether you can see the sense in another person’s argument or not; their and your humanity demands that you let them have their say and vice versa.

Remind yourself not of the logic behind your arguments, but how the sentiments within them evoke strong emotions within you. And realize that the person you’re disagreeing with has the same process going on inside of them.

It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about being human, and not being afraid to show it.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Noam Chomsky that changed my perception of things a lot:

“If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all”


Anonymous Censored

Do you ever feel compelled to act a certain way around certain groups of people? At first I thought it was something you outgrow in your teenage years. But I’m doubting that hypothesis more and more.

There’s just certain nuances that shift seemingly whimsically as we go about our day interacting with different people from different areas of our lives. In actual fact our brains are working extremely fast, processing loads of data and adjusting to each unique situation.

For example, you’re not going to have the the same conversation with your boss that you’d have with your best friend.

I think these differences are stifling, and only a select few people have what it takes to actually be the same person everywhere. I’m not one of them. I’m not embarrassed or afraid of that, and no I’m not a pretender; just kind of shy 🙂

Building a life

Been busy lately, and a phrase my mind’s eye pulled from some comment on a business article somewhere while doing my light morning reading has been haunting me:

“We’re trying to squeeze in a life somewhere between work and sleep”.

It’s sad. I never ever agreed that human beings were set up for the society we currently live in. It’s all so unintuitive. I’m getting flashes from that Black Mirror episode where the people cycle all day to get a golden ticket for a shot to get out.

I’m going too far down the rabbit hole. I need to sleep. I need to be up early for work tomorrow.


Carrie Movie: Telekinetic Woman Pranks Coffee Shop Customers

Now this is some epic marketing!

They rigged a random coffee shop to simulate an environment reacting to the telekinetic powers of one angry woman who just had her coffee spilled over her laptop by some guy (who’s in on the prank too).

The result: a bunch of customers scared shitless!

This campaign forms part of the build-up to the release of the 2013 re-imagining of Carrie, which is basically the evil version of Matilda. Enjoy!

I think people will remember this well after the movie has come and gone.

Anonymity II: I share therefore I am

So in my previous post entitled “Anonymity” I mentioned I’d be posting a video that I’d like everyone here to think about.

Here it is, The Innovation of Loneliness:

How does this tie in with the concept of anonymity? Well if you have a mask you don’t really have to worry too much about how anyone sees you. Technically, it shouldn’t affect your psychological process in the same manner. Unless of course, you want the mask to look a certain way… which is a notion I’m still grappling with.

So this is the basis of my social experiment: The anonymous me, verses the fully exposed version. Aside from the fact that self-experimentation can often skewer results, I’m thrilled to see what the outcomes will be.

Being an asshole

Today this hypothesis got tossed into my news feed on Facebook:

“If you want to land a woman, be an ass, say no when asked for favours, be mildly rude. they will crave your attention and neither you nor they will know why”.

Just interested to see what the various guys and girls in the blogosphere have to say about it.

Thoughts anyone? Before I give my own thoughts on the matter in a future post.